Menards Ceiling Fans With Lights

Before you can place in your shiny new ceiling lights you first need to remove your old components. If you want to install a light where there had not been one prior to you should have an electrical expert install a circuit and also electrical box so you have a power supply! Before you also think about getting rid of the light you need to do is switch off the electrical power at the mains to secure on your own from electrocution.

The very first step in getting rid of the fixture is to reverse the screws (or bolts) that hold the light to the ceiling and also pull it down very carefully. Once the light is loose you will certainly have the ability to access the electrical wires, which you disconnect by loosening the wire caps that hold them with each other. You will certainly also need to unscrew and also remove the installing bracket that is attached to the electrical box as this could not be the right fitting for your new light. Menards Ceiling Fans With Lights.

Your new ceiling lighting fixture will certainly have featured a mounting bracket. This will certainly appear like a solid piece of metal with screw openings and also is most likely to be formed like a plate or a strip. The installing bracket has to be firmly mounted to the electrical box in the ceiling with the wires hanging down around the bracket. Make certain that you connect the ground wire to the basing screw on the installing bracket.menards ceiling fans with lights and remote,menards ceiling fans with lights,


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